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Artdrawn is a self-taught French artist currently based in San Francisco Bay Area in California. After many years of working as a photographer, she slowly   shifted into  the realm of traditional art, painting and illustration.   She has always been in love with colors and fascinated by watercolors in particular. Her art is imbued with natural pigments and textures, often expressed as semi-abstract intuitive landscapes with a misty, surreal vibe to them.

Atmosphere fond
Atmosphere was born from a desire to dive into an imaginary world. A nocturnal abstract landscape of earthy warm toned valleys created with pigments extracted from the natural world : semi-precious stones such as piemontite from Italy and red garnet, in combination with the millenia old blue hues of indigo. Atmosphere is an invitation to immerse yourself into an inner journey, a call to meditation through deep, dark terrestrial and celestial colors.
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