La Touche Originale Artiste - Designer Cristina Chivu

Kris Kivu

My passion for art was rooted in me ever since I was a little girl, but the path that led me here was not so straight. My design journey started 12 years ago. I was an interior designer and I absolutely loved it! My art journey started about one year ago, when I finally decided to pursue my lifelong dream. After getting clear about my path, everything that followed unfolded very easily, and creating came so natural. My love for creation combined perfectly with all that I learned in my years of designing amazing spaces, and so my art studio was born.

Blue Mountains
The indigo in Blue Mountains is a very dear color to me. I have used it over and over in my artworks, and my soul never gets tired of it. It is the color of peace, intuition and relaxation.
have tried various color combinations, made tens of artworks until I found one that had the right balance. It reveals my very close connection to nature that I am feeling this year. Starting from the indigo of the deep sea, it goes through turquoise waters, green forests, sandy beaches and terracotta hills. It is a combination of all these natural elements in one artwork, it brings everything together.