La Touche Originale Artiste - Designer Greta Laundy

greta laundy

Greta Laundy, an Australian professional visual artist, explores themes of human emotion, memory and connection through richly coloured abstracted landscape imagery. For Greta, painting and drawing are meditative, alchemic and transformative places; a rich creative process in which intuition and contemplation are finely attuned through decades of experience. Painting acts as a metaphor for the life journey and an exploration of human nature, and embodies joie de vivre!

Automne fond
Greta working on the end stages of one of her paintings. Of this work she states: " I have aimed to create a balanced, yet interesting composition with strong contrasts, subtle tonal shifts and the use of complimentary colours. This multicoloured artwork features my signature hills and interlocking and overlapping shapes. It displays my interest in late Modernism’s preoccupation with the formal aspect of painting and inherent "feel good" factor and optimism” .
Automne expo