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Kate elsey

Kate Elsey is an Australian artist accomplishing 20 solo exhibitions and her paintings are held in numerous public collections. She is inspired by her unwavering love for nature, expressed through intricate landscapes and colour forms of abstracted expressionism. She creates an articulation of life in perpetual movement with a respect to static biomes – considering each work as an exclamation of the majesty of our planet. Elsey’s work is at once greatly sensitive and overwhelming.

Tarkine Forest
This painting references the Tarkine, an ancient and untouched rainforest in the deep southern island of Tasmania, Australia. The Tarkine contains rainforest, wetlands and rare species of flora and fauna. Under threat from the mining and tree lopping Industries, people are fighting for its survival as we acknowledge the importance of maintaining our natural ecological systems. It is a spectacular landscape which evokes much reflection of our connections to a time long ago. The rich green foliage and lush thick growth spoke to me artistically. My initial observations of this special wilderness was to paint an homage to its beauty and tranquility