lizzie Alsop

Lizzie est une artiste contemporaine australienne qui puise son inspiration de la ruralité et du littoral de la magnifique péninsule de Mornington. She loves to walk the bush tracks gathering inspiration for her artwork. She has been a creative all her life with artists on both sides of her family and launched into her art full time after a move to the coast thirteen years ago. She loves to create as it makes her HAPPY. It’s her meditation and brings a calmness to her day!!

Her artwork is described as joyful and colorful with many layers of patterns, organic shapes, etching, collage and intuitive markings. Mediums used are mainly acrylic, ink and pastel.

She has participated in a number of group exhibitions on the Mornington Peninsula and in Melbourne having her first solo exhibition last year. She is represented by local and Melbourne Galleries and retailers.

Outback Oasis
Australia is known for its harsh dry outback, but there are many areas of the Australian Outback that are hidden away like Gardens of Eden, lush with tropical plants such as scented gums and fresh running water in Gorges. . The colours And markings represent the colours of the earth full of richness and A story of those that walked before us. The rainbows represent hope and the Native Plants represent growth and abundance.