Marcela Picinin

Marcela picinin

Marcela Picinin is a Brazilian-born Australian illustrator who describes herself as a part-time graphic designer and a full-time art enthusiast. From watercolours, abstract art, and digital collage, her inspiration comes from nature and its simplicity. Marcela has a four years background in interior design, and the strategic use of colour makes her designs perfect for home decor.

Brazil made me have a profound love and admiration for its flora. From Banana Leaves to Birdies Paradise, tropical plants are a daily inspiration. The watercolour made, "Verdoyance Mural", is a celebration of nature's most delicate greens.
Toucan paradise
Can you image yourself waking up in a Tropical Forest? Ancient trees, full of other plants sharing the same space so beautifully, birds coming and going making the most calming sounds. Well, these were some of the feelings that motivated me to create the "Toucans Paradise" Mural. Hopefully, you will enjoy some of that energy in your home.