Neha Gupte

Neha Gupte is the artist behind The Blck Pen. She is a self taught artist and surface pattern designer and currently lives in Sydney, Australia. Nature plays a big part in her creative process. Her botanical artworks are inspired by the nature she experiences around her. She believes that nature can be seen as a mirror to life and human personality and depicts this connection through her art.

There is a small garden near my house which is part of a rainforest. It is full of lush palms and ferns but the garden is also known for having many species of Camellia plants. Many of the plants in the garden were adorned with the camellia petals giving the scenery a soft delicateness. Every time I visit the garden I am enveloped with a sense of calmness while experiencing this lush environment. I wanted to communicate this feeling through this mural artwork and bring a small part of the outdoors to your homes.