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3D models

3D Warehouse - Sketchup

For many architects and interior designers,3D Sketchup software is an essential tool for 3D modeling.

In this way, we decided to share 3D models of our most popular wallpapers on 3D Warehouse extension to let you integrate them directly inside your 3D interior modeling.

Digital Catalog

Our online catalog is available on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The digital catalog is regularly updated with our latest wallpapers and artist partnerships.

Share our collection wherever you are, whenever you want !


An A4 format brochure & A4 format samples


We’ve always been wanting to take part in architect and interior designer decoration projects. To make it easy, we designed an A4 format brochure with our new wallpaper patterns, the artists who created them and ambiance pictures.


Kit Boutique

A specially designed kit for shops


Becoming our wallpaper collection exhibitors without investing and stocking is possible ! After countless meetings with home design shop managers, the same issues kept coming back. How much do I have to invest ? Which wallpaper format do I have to sell ? How much storage space do I need ?

That is why we are now proposing a new collaboration 100% relevant to these issues.

The solution ?

The shops received for free our sample book and roll-up(s) and lay them out in their sales area.

The logistic ?

We attribute a promotional code to the shop where it is displayed to the manager’s convenience. We pay the shop for each order on our website with the promotional code.

Kit boutique 1
Kit boutique 2
Roll-ups papier peint

Format sur mesure

La Touche Originale vous fourni des laizes sur mesure qui s’adaptent à toutes vos superficies.