Nuages bleus


Stripe(s) : width x height (cm) : 3 stripes : 300 x 260 (cm)
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Nuages bleus



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Made in France

Leanne Macfarlane

Leanne is a designer that has recently finished his final year of university studying Graphic Design. He likes to experiment with different media and he loves to work with patterns and textures. He would regard his practice as largely ink based. He has a keen interest in nature and it also plays a big part in his work.

Nuages bleus expoNuages bleus expo
Nuage bleu roll wallpaperNuage bleu roll wallpaper
nuages bleu wallpapernuages bleu wallpaper

Our wallpaper is produced and printed in France.

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Stripe(s) : width x height (cm)

1 stripe : 100 x 260 (cm), 2 stripes : 200 x 260 (cm), 3 stripes : 300 x 260 (cm), 4 stripes : 400 x 260 (cm), 5 stripes : 500 x 260 (cm)