Vanja Paunovic

Vanja paunovic

Vanja Paunovic obtained her master of architecture at the Belgrade University in 2010, and continued her creative career as an architect in a few companies in Belgrade, Serbia. Vanja’s skills and interests range from architecture, illustration, art, graphic and industrial design. She won few international competitions in these fields. She love total design interiors, and because of that she started to create her own patterns and illustrations.

I wanted to create some old city on seaside, a blend of nature and architecture with big sun on the sky. This is place where the only inhabitants are plants and palms. My intention was to create some peaceful oasis by using bright but also warm colors.
Tido fond
Tido pattern emerged accidentally while I was researching house shapes and archetypes. I tried to play with axonometric house element made of triangles in addition to create playful, modern geometric pattern. I love to search for color combinations, and in this case, I chose retro pallet that will give a nice accent on the wall.
Silence echo fond
Silence Echoe
The idea was to create view of untouched nature, mountains and sun reflecting in rose water inspired by Pink Lake in my country. Gradients of blue and green, rose and orange are my favorite colors and I am always trying to make soft and peaceful atmosphere with them. Sun and silence is sometimes all we need.
reflection design fond
Playing with color palettes is one of my favourite parts of the creative process. In this piece gradients of green and orange are incorporated in panoramic view reflecting in water. I always intend to create an interesting, rich but still peaceful palette which brings a viewer joy and calm at the same time.